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Could Emotional Patterns Make Us More Susceptible To Cancer?

There is a lot of research, clinical data and statistics related to cancer - types, causes, and treatments - available to anyone interested in looking them up. There are, of course, the usual suspects /causes of cancer (more on that later). But there could be a case made out to look beyond the obvious. Scratch deeply and look below the surface. There is another omnipresent trigger we lug around and don’t give this Machiavellian it’s due. It coexists as both cause and effect, feeds off us, is often suppressed, and is usually the last to be addressed, if at all. 'Unaddressed and unresolved emotions'. The source of these could be singular, or more likely, multiple. Cracking or crumbling relationships, pressures of work (often tied up with a...


Do most Corporate Wellness Programs actually work?

Corporate wellness programs are fast becoming part of an organization's stated practice to keep employees at their optimum performance levels. Designed correctly, they can help in another critical area - to reduce costs incurred due to absences, low productivity, attrition etc. But are these programs really effective in giving results that a corporate hopes for? What are the pitfalls companies need to be aware of while designing and implementing one? And why are most companies not taking it seriously beyond a mere statement? Here is Vani Pahwa, Founder and Wellness Specialist at Body in Motion, sharing her views on how 90% of Corporate Wellness Programs are doomed for failure. She shares her experiences over years of doing deep seated work in the Fitness and Wellness sphere,...


Natural resource

An underutilised body is the root cause of so many of our physical- and mental-health problems, but really, all we have to do is move My mother lay completely paralysed for several years, a beautiful woman with a sharp mind, trapped in an immobile body. The crushing ferocity of MS (multiple sclerosis) did not spare even her vocal chords. Her will to fight and survive was indomitable, but the disease defeated her, and she died young. Witnessing her life unfurl was a raw lesson in the true meaning and power of movement. I went about life, sometimes struggling with serious injuries and sometimes fighting an unfortunately rich genetic baggage of health conditions that threatened to take away movement. I fought hard to seek solutions to grasp and...


Let’s Press ‘Play’

"You see a child play, and it is so close to seeing an artist paint, for in play a child says things without uttering a word. You can see how he solves his problems. You can also see what's wrong. Young children, especially, have enormous creativity, and whatever's in them, rises to the surface in free play." - Erik Erikson Schools have a tremendous opportunity and an important responsibility to contribute to a child's journey of growth and augmenting efforts of parents and caregivers. While they are centers of study, schools have the power to evolve into better centers of learning. Children learn a lot through play. In play, they learn how to learn, so its serious work. This is their functional truth. Any program of study...


Stop Wishing, Start Doing.

A New Year has started. Resolutions have been made. Now what? Will it be another year of first month euphoria followed by a downward slide into the familiar and comfortable, or will this be the year you really hit it hard and earn your stripes? In my facebook post “New Day, New Year.", I covered some generic guidelines to consider while making New Year resolutions. In this blog, I take it a step further to help you action your health and fitness goals. The journey from intent to action and desired results requires focused effort and persistence to change deep-set habits. It cannot and will not be achieved overnight. Research suggests that it takes a minimum of 21 days for any new activity to become a habit...


Nostalgic Romanticism or Changing Reality?

Is it the queer irony of our times? We are more in-tune with the idea of health but are less healthy. We have more conveniences and comforts in our lives but less time. We have greater access to means but less intent to avail. Could we be a living contradiction to what we profess to be our reality? There is definitely a generational shift happening around us…and not of the desirable kind. Yes, every generation feels they grew up in a better time (and were better) than the current lot and one may be prone to dismissing this assumption as mere nostalgic romanticism. But a recent experience brought this thought to the fore and I feel compelled to share it. It exposed a lot about the...


Preparing For a Trek

So you are off on a trek. Or deciding maybe. You are headed out the door and into Mother Nature’s lap. Yippee!! A trek is not easy work. Without adequate preparation it becomes even harder. If you plan on doing it based purely on inspiration and dreams, you could be in for an unpleasant surprise. Trekking (especially high altitude) presents multi -dimensional challenges. The last thing you want to do is to hit the trail mentally and physically unprepared. Proper preparation significantly increases quality of experience, chances of success and reduces propensity to stress and injuries. MENTAL PREPARATION Attitude will be as important as anything else you’ll carry on your expedition. Keeping an open mind, nurturing resilience and carrying along a sense of humour will enhance the...


Could That Nagging Pain be Your Posture

This might seem like an utterly basic, common sense question not deserving any screen space, but my long professional experience as a personal trainer, rehab specialist and corporate health and wellness mentor, screams otherwise. So here we are, back to addressing fundamentals of one of nature’s most complex creations – the human body. The world keeps moving at a brisker pace. People are constantly busy doing their stuff, be it working, clawing up the corporate ladder, racing to meet deadlines or chasing endless thankless chores, day after day. A relatively minor percentage engages in some form of active health and fitness pursuits- recreational or competitive, while majority is still relatively sedentary in their daily routines. The health and fitness industry keeps churning out programs in changing avatars...


Keep falling off fitness goals? Here’s maybe why.

We all know someone who has trouble getting on and staying on board the health and fitness train. Chances are, we are that someone. Here are some common reasons why most people fail to start or stick to their goals: Setting a future date. You keep the beginning of next week, next month, after a holiday, event or the beginning of a new year as your target day to start or restart your fitness journey. How about the very next day the thought crosses your mind? Experience shows that farther the targeted date, greater the chances of not starting. Most people would then also become more prone to throwing all diet control out of the window (having given themselves a future deadline) and wanting to “live...


On a roll

Foam rollers work wonders for sore and stiff muscles and are the hottest, new fitness accessory, says Saimi Sattar Athletes swear by them and fitness gurus are creating a regimen around them. Foam rollers of different sizes and density are edging their way into fitness routines. Over the last two years, these new fitness accessories have become an intrinsic part of wellness programmes to soothe sore and stiff muscles. Exercise specialist and master rehabilitation trainer Vani B. Pahwa lays stress on the importance of exerting the correct pressure on the roller during a workout. Photo: Jagan Negi Cylindrical in shape and made with foam, these rollers help increase blood flow, improve the efficacy of a workout and relieve stiffness post a workout. The rollers primarily work upon fascia or...