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Foot Facts

Wondering what all the noise of the foot is all about? Here are just a few facts to consider : - The human foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, 19 muscles and multiple...

Foot and Gait

Walking is the most functional activity we do. But did you know, your foot type and gait determine how you walk and how your body feels? Your body is subject toground reaction forces during...


There is so much noise about the core and core training. What is it? Why is it so importan? CORE is much more than the frenzied twitter of six packs of some or the grocery...

Achilles Tendon – What is it? What does it do?

"Achilles Tendon" crops up very often in athelets vocubalary, courtsey visits to a doctor due to discomfort, inflammation and/or injuries. Many other people have also suffered degrees of pain and injury related to it. The...

Arch Of The Foot and Foot Types

The foot actually has three distinct arches. Two "longitudinal" arches (one on each side) run from front to back; one "transverse arch" runs across the mid foot from inside to outside. The "medial longitudinal arch"...

Pain In The Neck!

There can be several causes of imbalances in the body leading to chronic pain. However you chose to look at it - top to bottom or bottom to top - any imabalance has a...

Importance of single leg training

Most of our daily activities like walking, running, climbing up and down stairs, involve transitioning body weight from one leg to another. Movement, for most part is a series of transfer from one limb...

Having Trouble With Your Golf Swing?

Take a look at your feet! Golf is a complex game requiring complete coordination between the upper body, the core and lower body. The stability of the feet have a direct impact on the...

Lots of questions pertaining to running

Bangalore Marathon Expo. Lots of questions pertaining to running - training, injuries, gait, foam rolling, stretching and performance improvement. Common observations across cities - many training for running by simply running; very little awareness...